What we do?

Investment Research

We spend our days searching for alpha factors (ideas that outperform the market) and craft objective trading models that we distribute to our clients through our innovative platforms.

Trading Platforms

Gain exposure to our cutting-edge proprietary research through our user-friendly and innovative web trading platforms. Employ proven data-driven trading methodologies.

Trader Education

We’re actively engaged in our educational programs so that you are always empowered with a deep understanding of our trading approaches to ensure maximum success.

Our Trading Platforms

QuantLab is a turnkey solution to building, testing and trading high performing quantified portfolios that can rival the best fund managers in the world. With a few simple mouse clicks you can construct a fully mechanical and proven portfolio that is easy to implement and manage with our integrated execution functionality. Our powerful diversification capabilities help to reduce volatility, mitigate risk and provides you with the potential to generate consistent positive returns regardless of market direction. Leverage the power of QuantLab and trade your personal account like a professional hedge fund.
Suitable For
QuantLab is a sophisticated platform for serious investors seeking to grow their personal wealth safely and securely over the long-term with high performing quantified portfolios.
Pricing and Account Minimum
The minimum account is R300 000. Our fees are 5% of equity paid in advance. All subsequent years are billed provided you generate a return above our fees I.E. if you do not recoup our costs you will not be billed, so we only get paid if you make money. Not a single asset manager in South Africa will manage your funds for free if you are not positive every single year. Our interests are 100% aligned with yours!
QuantTrade provides access to hundreds of thousands of fully quantified tradeable opportunities each day. Input your favourite stocks and easily isolate high probability opportunities with target entry and exit points. Our integrated execution means that you can access an order ticket prepopulated with the target entry or exit point to precisely match the performance of the underlying edge. By far the most powerful feature of this platform is the fact that we trade these edges live each day and record our setups in a video each morning before the market opens for you to watch and trade alongside professionals.
Suitable For
QuantTrade is a powerful platform that will appeal to both professionals and individuals looking to enhance their trading performance with thousands of daily quantified edges.
Pricing and Account Minimum
The minimum account is R50 000. Our fees are R699 a month paid in advance. The performance of our live portfolio which we trade and document each day in our morning battle plan video is available to all our clients from within the platform. That way we can actively display the quality of our research to you every single day, because if we can’t make money with our strategies why would you pay us?

Our Performance

We pride ourselves in being the only research service in South Africa that transparently discloses the aggregate live performance of all its clients. Not a single broker or other vendor does the same because the truth is their clients are net losers. We track every single trade ever submitted through our platforms since inception and share the results with you so that you can make informed decisions regarding the quality of our research.

Why Choose Us?

We’re responsible

Our services are rendered under PDI Investments, an authorised FSP (44207). We also take special care in educating our clients to ensure product suitability.


We’re the only research firm in South Africa to actively disclose the live performance of our clients so that you can make informed decisions regarding our service.

Strength and Security

We are partnered with Saxo Bank, a leading international trading and custody platform, so that you can be rest assured that your assets are properly safe guarded.

We Really Trade

We really trade for a living and allocate 100% of our free capital to our research. Access technology engineered by traders for traders as well as our extensive experience.

Proprietary Research

Our research is genuinely original and highly proprietary. You get access to exclusive ideas that are typically found in the back offices of successful hedge funds.

Our Interests Aligned

We earn the lion share of our revenue from selling our research so that we're quite literally only profitable if you are too. We're 100% committed to your success.

What our clients say?

QuantLab has the most comprehensive set of quantitative mean-reversion trading strategies that I have found in the market. Its clear focus on risk management and the thoroughness with which the strategies have been tested have generated surprisingly consistent, market-beating returns in my account. Implementing a trading strategy using its portfolio selection tools and order entry system couldn’t be easier.

Craig Van Zyl CA(SA), CFA

What our clients say?

Having used Quantlab for more than a year now, I can safely say that it is one of the most impressive retail trading products out there. Quantlab generates trades without emotional bias, encourages prudent position sizing, and houses it all in a clean, user-friendly interface. It truly is the one-stop shop that I was looking for. Highly recommended!

Clint van Heerden CA(SA)

What our clients say?

What a pleasure using Quantlab - this takes the biggest failing of investors being successful out of the equation - namely EMOTION! Just log on once a day and push your order activation button. No more trying to second guess your indicators, Quantlab takes care of that for you. After 15 years of active investing and trading, using many different systems, this is the best I have come across.

Ed Peen, Amberdawn (Pty) Ltd

What our clients say?

I had tried to trade with CFD's some years ago and very soon got wiped out. Two reasons I did not have enough capital and no expertize. I have been with Quantlab for 4 months and am enjoying the whole concept of investing and having the computerized system buying and selling for me. The return so far for 4 months is just under 10% which equates with about 30% per annum minus the fees for using the programme. Thank you I love the concept of being able to short or go long depending on market movement.

Dr. Hewitt
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