High Performing Quantified Portfolios
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Engineer Custom Quantified Portfolios


Select from thousands of professionally built strategies or use our powerful Portfolio Engineer to automatically engineer a well-diversified portfolio of quantified strategies within minutes.


Backtest your custom-built portfolio and analyse the extensive historical performance including equity charts, risk charts, trade stats and much more.


Implement your tailored portfolio in the market automatically with our powerful integrated execution capabilities and mitigate the harmful effects of emotion.


Extensive reporting functionality provides access to live return and risk charts and multiple portfolio trade statistics so that you can professionally monitor your portfolio's performance.

QuantLab Process

We believe five key ingredients need to be fulfilled to attain continued success in the markets. First, every strategy should be fully quantified – the setups, entries, exits and risk management should be professionally tested. Second, portfolio construction and diversification is critical, we want our capital diversified across multiple ideas. Third, automating execution fosters discipline and helps to mitigate the destructive effects of human emotion. Fourth, monitoring live performance to ensure it falls within expectations is key to risk management. And finally, our fifth belief is that one needs to be actively engaged in ongoing research to improve existing ideas and search for new ones.

Meeting these criteria requires a broad and deep understanding of financial markets, extensive technology expertise and a large dose of creativeness. In short, it’s difficult. With our platforms, you can achieve the same within minutes as opposed to years.

1. Quantified Strategies
Combining qualitative and quantitative insights gained from experience and academic study, we've developed a rigorous testing framework that offers the highest probability of uncovering robust predictive patterns and tradeable edges in the equity markets. We quantify everything and leave nothing to chance.
2. Portfolio Diversification
Your portfolio should be able to handle rising and falling markets, low and high volatility as well as non-diversifiable risk, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and political events. With one click QuantLab's Portfolio Engineer enables you to engineer a well-diversified portfolio of strategies that optimises your ability to survive and even thrive in any market condition.
3. Automated Execution
The destructive effects of human emotion on trader performance is well-documented. Humans find it difficult to make rational decisions under financial duress. Emotions such as fear and greed impair our ability to make logical decisions. With our automated order generation and integrated execution, you will be much better able to control emotion.
3. Performance Monitoring
Live performance monitoring is an essential aspect of proper risk management. QuantLab empowers you with a broad spectrum of live performance data with a single mouse click so that you can easily and quickly get a sense of the relative performance of your portfolio. This powerful feature enables you to swiftly act and preserve capital in the face of any perceived risk.
3. Ongoing Research
The financial markets are tremendously competitive with firms spending many billions each year on trading research. When too many market participants uncover and trade similar concepts the edge of the strategy is eroded and can even stop working. To overcome this, research is an ongoing and fulltime commitment. With QuantLab you get access to a flow of cutting-edge research so that you can stay ahead of the pack.