High Probability Data-Driven Trading
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Thousands of Quantified Edges Daily


Access our proven quantified top-down approach that we apply each morning in our daily battle plan video to analyse the markets and set desired risk and directional bias for the day.


Easily scan thousands of quantified trade candidates and isolate the ones that meet your unique return and risk preferences and directional bias for the day.


Execute your personally selected quantified edges for the day from within our platform with our integrated execution capabilities in one simple click of the mouse saving valuable time.


Extensive reporting functionality provides access to live return and risk charts and multiple trading statistics so that you can professionally monitor your performance.

QuantTrade Process

From years of professional trading experience, we’ve developed a proprietary and fully quantified top down approach that has proven to be highly effective in live environments. Our approach involves five core steps that will empower you to easily uncover high probability trade opportunities every day. We begin by analysing the health of global and local markets to set our risk and directional preferences for the day. In our third and fourth steps, we search our proprietary database which houses close to a million quantified strategy permutations for high probability setups and then execute our chosen strategies with a few clicks of the mouse. In our final step, we monitor our performance to ensure we’re meeting our objectives.

QuantTrade is the most powerful platform for short-term traders available anywhere. Stop relying on chance or gut feel and start making calculated data-driven decisions that are proven to work.

1. Big Picture Analysis
Globalisation and the spread of technology means that the world’s financial exchanges have become much more correlated. This has implications for us as traders because what happens elsewhere in the world can and does effect our local markets. QuantTrade offers extremely powerful techniques to quickly gauge the state of the global markets.
2. JSE Breadth Analysis
It’s impossible to measure the true underlying strength of the JSE by relying exclusively on the indices, such as they JSE Top 40 Index, because they are market cap weighted which means larger stocks have more of an effect on the index providing a misleading view of the market. That’s why QuantTrade provides quantified methodologies to easily determine the broad market state of the JSE on any given day.
3. Quantified Edges
The raw power of QuantTrade comes to surface here with around 1 million quantified strategy permutations on offer which can be filtered on winning rates, trade returns and other key performance metrics making it quick and easy to isolate trade setups that meet your criteria on any given day. This truly separates our platform from anything available anywhere.
3. Mechanical Execution
Once you’ve located a stock and strategy combination that meets your trade objectives, you can easily deploy the trade in the market by simply pulling up an order ticket with the price already set. The same applies for exiting a trade, so you never need to make on the fly subjective decisions which hurt trader performance. Remove emotion and simply follow the strategy rules.
3. Performance Monitoring
Live performance monitoring is an essential aspect of proper risk management. QuantTrade empowers you with a broad spectrum of live performance data with a single mouse click so that you can easily and quickly get a sense of the relative performance of your portfolio. This powerful feature enables you to swiftly act and preserve capital in the face of any perceived risk.